There will never be another like yours...

What aspects of our coats can be changed?

With our commitment to you that no two coats will ever be the same, it excites us to help you find the perfect option which will suit your lifestyle and the way you wear your Velma & Beverley coat, now and for many years to come.

Our customisable options are;

Linings - we have a whole blog on guiding you to choose lining options! Click here to find out more about that

Pockets - we currently have four styles to choose from which can be incorporated into any coat pattern;

  • Lift n' hide - brilliant, large pockets which keep your hands warm on top, and keep your phone, wallet and other bits and pieces safe with the ingenious envelope-style flap
  • Sewn on - a funky look which can also have buttons or no buttons
  • Side pockets - the classic look to keep your hands warm
  • Deep pockets - these fit seamlessly into the side panels of our coats and are nice and deep so nothing calls out
  • Inner pockets - just like the guy's suit jackets, we need somewhere for our phones and car keys. Inner pockets are the ticket!

Collars - each of our coat styles have different collars, and we can mix n' match so you get the type of collar you like best;

  • Wide lapel 
  • Chinese stand up collar
  • Open pointed
  • Peter Pan
  • Hood

Buttons - we have access to a huge range of buttons for our coats, and like our fabrics, we like to keep it as natural as possible. Wooden buttons are our favourites, and we'll be looking to source some recycled plastic buttons as soon as we can too.

Coat length - for some of us who are very short (like me!) or very tall, we need a small amount of adjusting to length. It's very important you send your measurements with your order if you would like a different length. All coats are standard from shoulder to hem, check out our sizing chart here

What are you waiting for? 

We have payment options, and all our coats are perfectly customisable so you get a beautiful coat you love and can wear for many seasons to come.

Visit our customisation page to see all the options and make your choices ahead of launch day on Saturday, 3rd August!


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