Beautiful, Unique Woollen Coats Handmade in New Zealand

Velma and Beverley - What's in a name?

We started our journey to colour inspired by the generations before us. Lovingly taught to sew by her grandmothers, Claire knew there would always be a place for handmade goods in her life. 

Here at Velma & Beverley we take tradition seriously, but not our fashion. Born out of rural values, but without the "wool itch", our bespoke woollen coats are designed to last for many years!

Read more about our name and inspiration below or check out our blog for all our stories

So How Does it Work?

Once you've ordered your style, size and colour we'll be in touch straight away via your inbox so you can pick your lining details. From there we'll confirm your order and send it off to be made just for you. 

Because our pieces are made locally here in the Waikato out of high quality New Zealand sourced wool, there is a three week production time to make your coat, after which it will be sent in it's own special compostable bag! We promise it's well worth the wait! 

If you want to know more about why we've chosen wool - have a read here

Customise your Coat

Once you've selected your very own Velma and Beverley coat, you'll be able to add your own personal touch. 

We have two beautiful, unique colours, chosen to express our rural roots, and help you feel stunning in your one-of-a-kind piece.

Customise your coat with our range of stunning lining options to express your warmth (even when it's freezing) and let us know if you'd like length or cuff adjustments as these are part of our personalised service!

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