Lining your coat - your chance to shine!

Our lining options explained

Here at Velma and Beverley, we're all about creating a product that you will love to wear for many years to come. Which is why we make every coat unique to it's owner through a series of customization options.

One of these are our beautiful lining choices.

We line our coats with 100% cotton, and with cotton readily available in MILLIONS of different shades, patterns, colours, and with some incredible artwork, we'd like to make sure you get what you you really want.

We have selected some lining options to get you started here

A few other ideas from our travels;

  • Make a statement with bold, colourful patterns, African- style. When Claire went to central Africa early in 2019, she fell in love with the incredible cottons with beautiful patterns which were available in many city markets. 
  • Wear some Kiwi values with favourites like native birds, Maori patterns, trees, flora and fauna - we have access to almost anything you could think of that is Kiwi!
  • Create a whimsical feel which will last with floral patterns, or go vintage with patterns you'll recognise from Grandma's old china teaset!
  • Popular patterns like polka dots, triangles, squares, stripes, water, grass, sky, stars or even shells at the beach look great with our beautiful wool outers.
  • Embrace your inner child with some fun prints like animals, space travel, sports, or even cartoon llamas!

Don't see what you like here? - let us know and we'll bend over backwards to find the right option for you. 

If we don't have it available right now, we'll make it a priority to find it as soon as we're able to.

We can't wait to make your new, beautiful, handmade woollen coat!


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