We have lift-off!!

All you need to know about our August 2019 pre-sales

At 8am on 3rd of August, the very first Velma & Beverley coats will be available to buy...  And I feel like my baby is going to school for the first time! 

So many emotions, but I wouldn't have got this far without the support of some very special people, many of whom are wearing some of these gorgeous coats that we're so proud to bring to market today.

So, I'd like to fill you in on how these "pre-sales" are going to work, and to explain the "why"...

We're opening our online shop for your to purchase your own, one of a kind, Velma & Beverley coat, and this will be your only chance to be part of the first run of these gorgeous, 100% wool coats.

There are three colour options, which are noted at the end of each product photo line, and we have thought long and hard about which of the millions of colours we'd like to bring to market this season. The lucky winners are here, and you'll be able to pick from these three colours for your new coat.

How do we make them one of a kind? 

With choice of more than 30 linings, 12 different buttons, four different collars, four special styles, three special colours, and our guarantee that you will be the only one ever to wear the exact coat you order! 

What does this mean? You need to be in very quick if you want to secure your style, colour, and finishings before some other eager beaver does. If your particular choice sells out, we'll work with you to make sure you get what you want to wear... please bear with us!

First orders will close on August 11th - and the next part of the process is for us to source and make your beautiful one of a kind coat.

For this first pre-sale, our special New Zealand wool fabric will be made and dyed post-order... and this epic process takes 8 weeks, from the start to the finish.

The fabric will make it's way to us, and we'll be ready to make your new coat super quickly - so our Team will be working hard in late August to have your coats sewn as quickly as possible.

All coats will be shipped by November 1st and arrive with you by November 8th.

We know this is slow fashion at it's best - but we also promise that it will be worth the wait and you will LOVE your brand new one of a kind coat.

Set your alarm, get ready with your choices, and LIVE LIFE IN COLOUR with us!

Claire xx


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