Live life in colour!

We’d like to introduce our beautiful, rich wool coat colours for 2019... drumroll please!

Forest Canopy (Green);

I adore staring out at a patch of New Zealand native bush and appreciating nature’s way of showing us her colours, and I’m always blown away by the incredible shades of green which all compliment each other so beautifully. So many of our New Zealand sheep farms have pockets of bush they have chosen to protect and preserve for our wildlife for years to come, and we’ve chosen to celebrate a deep green as our first colour for 2019. It looks stunning with earthier tones, like brown, rust, burnt orange, toffee, and burgundy, pair with your favourite boots for a perfect winter look.

Golden Sunlight (Gold);

Named for the beautiful golden tinge of winter sunlight on our hills as the sun sets, and my favourite time of day, we’re honouring the moment when our farms look their best, as the sheep graze deep into winter evenings and everything is perfectly relaxed. A slight twist on the popular mustard colour, wear gold with tan, white, coral, blue, red, navy, pink, and grey. Looks amazing with denim for a more casual outfit and weekend brunches.

Duck Egg (Grey Blue);

Our stunning blue grey duck egg is a symbol for new life and beginnings hatching - just like us. It’s also appreciating our Native New Zealand birds, their place in our ecosystem, and those who protect them. And let’s not forget that even though sheep don’t lay eggs, they also have beautiful little lambs each year who grow beautiful soft wool in their first year. Wear any colours with our lovely grey/blue, but pastel pinks and yellows, navy, soft grey, white, orange and greens will compliment your outfit beautifully. 

It’s time for you to purchase your own unique winter coat - make sure you’re on our list for details on launch dates and to pre-order the first ever Velma & Beverley coats!


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