We want to hear from you!!

At Velma & Beverley, we are much more than a brand making coats - we’re brand new, and committed to a sustainable, renewable, long lasting world where fashion isn’t harmful to the environment or to those making the clothes.

But even more than this, we are committed to providing what you want.

Whether that's colours, styles, linings, finishings, or even just a way we can do things better, we want to make sure we are serving you the best way we can.

Or course, you'll have to bear with us while we're new and working hard to provide as many options as possible, but it's so important to us to be delivering on our vision to make the most sustainable, beautiful, handmade woollen coats in the world, and good things take time.

And because we have (in our humble opinion), the most beautiful fabric possible to work with, and an incredible team of superstars, we are confident we'll make the best coats you'll find online.

So, tell us what you want.

Or even better, provide us some feedback!

We'd love to hear from you.


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