But black goes with everything! Why colour?

In my journey with Velma & Beverley so far, I have been asked so many times, "why aren't you doing a black coat? It goes with everything!"

There are a couple of answers to this, but the vision of Velma & Beverley was not only to make a beautiful product, but also to empower our wearers to life their lives in colour and enjoy compliments on their gorgeous new winter coat.

Why are we so obsessed with black, in a country like New Zealand where we are so lucky to have incredible, colourful landscapes.

We’re told black is the “safe” option, it’s “slimming” and it matches easily with other colours. But it’s also a colour of the masses, and it’s easy to hide behind black as a way to blend in. There is nothing unique about a black winter coat.... so we’re here to challenge those stereotypes and allow our Velma & Beverley Community to live a colourful, beautiful life in their stunning coats!

I attended a talk given by Dame Trelise Cooper, one of New Zealand’s most foremost designers, who adores colour and incorporates it into every collection she creates, and her words have stuck with me...

“Every woman deserves to walk into a room and be complimented on the beautiful colourful clothes she is wearing”

This is part of our vision - for every woman to be able to invest in a Velma & Beverley coat she feels beautiful, empowered and excited about wearing, and when she looks in the mirror, happy that she’s chosen to express herself with a rich colour inspired by New Zealand, wearing a sustainable fabric completely sourced right here in New Zealand.

So, take the road less travelled, express your personality with our customisable lining options, and purchase a beautiful handmade, 100% NZ wool coat. 

You will enjoy compliments from people every time you wear it!


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