Rural Women

Supporting Rural Communities to thrive

"I really care about rural communities succeeding and see so many opportunities for young rural women to connect and thrive further in business, family, and life"

Claire Williamson

I'm Claire, and I'm grateful to have grown up rurally and learn what I call the rural way of life. I'm the daughter of Sheep & Beef farmers and developed a love and immense pride for the incredible products produced our rural community.

I also have an understanding of urban people and believe we can do more to bring these two communities together and create harmony here in New Zealand.,

I own and run two businesses, one of which is Velma & Beverley, a celebration of New Zealand wool and more importantly, rural values and the rural way of life my two grandmothers, Velma and Beverley, embodied. We have a passion for supporting our farmers, reinstating wool as a go-to in clothing, and keeping everything made right here in New Zealand.

I believe connecting online has never been more important as it is today. Our rural communities are now enjoying more internet availability than ever but there is still work to be done to bring together our rural women and create the magic that comes from being part of a whole.


I've seen the success of online groups first hand in other organisations - using Facebook groups, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram to share stories, build each other up and allow communities to thrive.

I'm always asking the question about what our end user is going to get from our offering, and I love connecting organisations with their stakeholders and communities in a positive way. I'd love to see Rural Women NZ with a more engaging user interface and and telling more stories of our incredible rural women who are achieving so much.

I've also been fortunate to have connected with some incredible rural women already succeeding and paving the way for rural businesses to develop and grow further. If elected I'd love to connect more women together and grow the value of the RWNZ offering to live out the RWNZ vision for rural communities to thrive.

The Leap into the Future

If elected to the RWNZ board as a North Island board member in 2020 I will look to achieve the following;

  • Grow membership of the organisation by working with the RWNZ Team to add value to the current offering and communicate it in a way our potential members want to see
  • Link in more young women to carry on the vision of RWNZ into the future
  • Create and enhance the existing online presence of RWNZ and tell more stories of our incredible rural women so we can continue to support each other's success
  • Advocate for our rural communities in Government lobbying and in "walking the talk" in my own businesses

My biggest strengths;

  • Connecting people across a wide range of organisations, communities and industries
  • A considered and positive approach to Governance, focused on asking questions and solving problems. 
  • A very "get in and get things done" approach
  • A passion for farming and rural communities which is coupled with extensive business experience across many different organisations and industries
  • A sound financial background in financial services 
  • Excellent skills to not only set strategy and long term planning but to convert actionable points into results 
  • A "customer-centric" approach which is always focused on "what's in it for our members and end users"?
  • Positivity, energy and action 

How to vote

As a Rural Women New Zealand member you will be mailed a voting pack with candidate information. If you're not a member you can join here for $50 / year.

  1. There are three North Island Candidates and Three South Island. You can hear more from the other candidates by logging into the member portal on the RWNZ website. There are two North Island board positions and one South Island.
  2. All votes need to be completed on your own form which will be mailed to you. If you haven't received a voting pack email
  3. All votes need to be completed by 5pm Friday, 23 October 2020.
  4. You can mail your votes back via the envelope provided or you can send by email to
  5. Happy voting!

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